Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Adalyn Dress - ithinkso

This is a comfy and stylish  little girl's dress...size 24 months! It's an excellent pattern, and so easy to follow.  I think any little girl would love to wear this dress, don't you?

  You can find the pattern at Ithinkso.

I mostly have tote bags and pouches on my blog, but I sometimes venture into other areas.  I just wanted to share this one with you!  This is Sophie wearing her new dress.  Her mother says she wants to wear it all the time!  What a Sweetie!


  1. Linda, that is so sweet! I don't have any little girls in the family, but maybe I can teach my SIS-n-law to sew for her granddaughter.(of course she'll probably be a teenager by the time she decides to make this!)

  2. Thanks Marge! I really enjoy making children's clothes, and this one is for a little girl by the name of Sophie. I've never met her, but she's 2 years old, so hope it fits! I think this dress only goes up to a children's size 12, ... ; )

  3. A beautiful dress, Linda!!! The polka dot sash is the perfect contrast for that adorable fabric.

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    1. Thank you again Pam! What a pleasant surprise!!


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