Sunday, April 2, 2017

Recessed Zipper Tutorial

I've just about finished the recessed zipper tutorial!.  It is quite detailed..loads of pictures, and clear instructions so that even a novice can make one.

I'm going to have a few ladies test it for me, and then it will be posted on Craftsy!  

You are probably wondering why the the recessed zipper piece is so wide!?  I made it this way on purpose, so that all the details and steps for making this could be seen clearly.   Once you grasp the concept you'll be putting zippers in everything!!

This picture is of the recessed zipper and the bag lining only!  This would be sewn into a bag following the bag pattern/tutorial directions!

Enjoy your day!  All the snow is gone, and the sun is shining!  What a beautiful day!



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